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Jul. 3rd, 2007

07:50 pm - Friends Blog Page

Got an email from a friend of mine promoting his blog page Kasey's Hideout.  Not really my cup of tea but I thought I'd still do a post about it. He also has Betty's Page. Check it out.

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Feb. 28th, 2007

09:11 pm - Follow Your Dreams

Do you sometimes get the feeling that life is passing you by in the fast lane and you're just chugging along trying to keep the car on the road let alone get up to any kind of speed? When what you'd rather be doing is coasting along with the top down, feeling the sun on your face.

Having wishes and dreams inspires and nurtures us, but all too often we find that we just can't seem to get a hold on them. They're just that little bit out of reach and after a while it seems impossible. So you give up dreaming of this, and planning that. Nothing ever works out for me, you think. I may as well give up any hope of attaining anything worthwhile or doing anything amazing. So you carry on chugging down the road, enviously watching other people zip past.

What's getting in the way of you following your dreams is a lack of belief in yourself and even an unwillingness to really try to get a hold on them. What's that about? Fear of failure? Maybe even a fear of success? A doubt that anything good will come of it. Maybe even a lacklustre conviction that there's no point in having dreams because they never come true anyway.

What if I was to tell you that not only do you have every right to realise every single one of your dreams, but that the only person stopping you from realising them is you.

You can follow your dreams - you really can - by reminding yourself of one thing. That by being mindful of all those dreams, and being open to whatever the universe has in store for you and by focusing on what it is you want to achieve or experience, if you ask for what you want, it will come to you.

It's that simple.

It might be that you've dreamed of travelling the world but you've always convinced yourself that it won't happen because you can't speak a single word of any other language but your own. Or you want to break out of the rat race, buy a smallholding and raise chickens. It doesn't matter what it is - just take a second now to focus on your own particular dream and ask for what it is that would help you realise it.

Perhaps you need confidence in your ability to learn something new. Courage to make that decision. Belief in yourself that you will succeed. Think of yourself discovering that you now have what you need and realising that dream, and now imagine for a while how it feels.

Only you can turn those dreams into reality. No-one else.

And isn't it time you started chasing some of those dreams?

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04:30 pm - The Power Of Words

The power of your words is one of the most powerful forces you can use to create what your heart desires.

I discovered the power of "Speaking my Dreams into Existence" in a playful manner.

At the tender age of forty I took my first art lesson and loved it.

I immediately began to say, "I am an artist..." with a sense of playfulness.

I knew I wasn't't really an accomplished artist yet but it gave me so much pleasure to say it and it sounded so good.

Amazingly, within one year's time, I was charging over one thousand dollars a pop for my beautiful portrait work.

More recently one of my brothers jokingly teased me about taking time off. He called me one Monday morning while I was getting a pedicure instead of working.

He said, "Oh, so, Rebecca, you make so much in one day that you can just take the rest of the week off?"

And I replied, "Oh yes, that sounds so good to me..." After that point, I started playfully repeating his own words to myself.

"You know, I make so much in one day, that I just take the rest of the week off." Lo and behold, if it didn't't come true in less than a months time.

I am am emotional healing workshop leader and within a month my classes started filling up so full that I really did make so much from one day's work that I could'have taken it easy the rest of the week.

Please realize that I'm telling you this, not to make you feel left out, but to encourage you to do it, too.

That is my sole purpose for sharing anything with you. So you can do it too and because you can do it too...

The vital key here is to keep it light and playful. The energy of playfulness opens your valves to receiving. When we take our dreams too seriously it can cause an energy of desperation which blocks your flow.

If you repeat affirmations with an air of desperation and complete seriousness you stifle the flow. Everything is energy and you attract what you put out, so keep it light and fun while letting the universe know what would be fun for you.

Make it easy on yourself, play a game with this. What dreams would you like to come true? Practice saying them in a joking manner and see how good that feels just to have the words roll off your tounge.

Have fun with your words and "Speak your dreams right into Existence".

04:20 pm - Seeing That Ex Lover

Have you ever fallen for someone where you thought they were "the one"? Even if it was for a slight instance and then it did not work out. Even worse, have you ever fallen for someone who just ended up crushing you, and leaving you in a state of confusion and bitterness?

Well, why is it? that sometimes after having gone through so much turmoil and pain, that life keeps putting that person right in front of us, as if trying to mock our emotions.

My story is quite similar to many other women and men out there, a story of rejection, pain and just mere chaos. It was only a few years ago and yet everyday I can remember the feelings that I felt, and the memories that I experienced. I must say, it is not easy. It was hard enough to get over the person, especially since I had to see them everyday. Avoidance and ignoring them can work so much, but after awhile I was forced to interact and "talk" to them. Nothing is ever the same, but once you "move on" or think you have, why is it that life will just by some coincidence or maybe even on purpose put them right in front of you? and make you question yourself-Am I really over them? Is this a sign that it can work? Could there be a future for us? Could he love me back? and the questions go on, but at the end of these questions you go back to your old state of feeling confused and bitter. You end up feeling...chaotic. For the question still lies-Am I EVER going to get over them? or will they still keep popping into my life no matter how far I want to get away from them?

Some days can be good, the days where you feel-"Yes, I'm totally over them, I even like someone else", but other days, well, they feel quite awful- "Why, was I so stupid? Why did I fall for them in the first place? and why the hell can't I get over them?".

I personally spent the last year distancing myself from "this person". Yes, I talked to him less, we could have been friends but I would not let myself open up to him again-it would have caused too much pain. I even managed to be a safe distance away from him, enough to forget my feelings for him and start liking someone else. I was pleased in the last month when I realised every party I went to, he could never attend-to me it was a sign telling me "you never have to worry about him again". And then, in a split second, that changed. Yesterday, whilst walking down the road, I saw him, surrounded by girls, all delirious to be given attention by him. I would have normally pulled of a smile-sometimes pretending you are happy and "over it" can make you actually believe it yourself- but I did not, instead I froze and a big lump arose in my throat and I began questioning my feelings for him. He saw me after a while of staring at him, I waved the kind of wave the queen waves; very stone-like and forced. Then I walked away feeling ill by what had just happened which was a total of nothing in the physical world and yet everything had been stirred in my emotional being.

So this made me think after a long time, why is it that life curses us with images of people we wish to forget? and I think the answer is, because it knows it's going to stir us, move us and make us feel human again. It wants to prove to us that "hey, you are not an island after all, you are a person".

In that note, I think what life does is give us a chance to go and tell them, "that person", "the one" or "the person" you thought was "the one", that you did actually love them, and that they did actually crush you when they hurt you, or did not love you back or even just tricked you. Since sometimes it is good to spill it all out and yell and shout and tell them how you felt-no matter how much it kills your pride- because afterwards..maybe..just maybe.. you won't have to keep questioning yourself when you see them again.

Anoush Jebejian